The Cover letter is dead!

August 15 2019 by Albine Gilbert

The Cover Letter is dead!

What is the first thing you do when you start your job search?

You create a nice CV and you write an interesting cover letter that you personalise hoping to land an interview…

However, did you know that 75% of cover letters are never read?

Recent studies on this subject show that all HR professionals and recruiters, in general, do not read applicants cover letters.

Therefore, why spend so much time and effort on it?

Instead, we suggest you write a short, punchy and straight to the point message to send along with your CV.

Sell yourself effectively, demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job!

Answer the question the recruiter is asking him/herself: Does this candidate meet the organisation needs, what will he/she bring to the organisation?

Some useful tips to write an effective pitch:

  • Be Brief
  • State which job position you are applying to
  • Explain why you are applying and express your interest in 15 lines max
  • Write full sentences, check your grammar and your spelling. This is your only chance to give a first good impression to the recruiter
  • Don’t underline, bold or capitalise too much
  • Don’t try to be original, just be yourself
  • Make sure your signature email includes all your contact details and link to your LinkedIn account.
  • Make sure the email address you are using looks professional. No bigteddybear@gmail
  • Conclude your message with a positive sentence opening to the possibility of an interview.

Good luck with your job search!

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