UNOPS is organising a Gender Dialogue on The Road to Equality

March 15 2021 by Roberto GCF

UNOPS is organising a Gender Dialogue on The Road to Equality

Tuesday, March 16th – 3pm CET

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Moderator: Femi Oke

Panelists: (See Programme for more information)


Dr Nihan Akyelken, Associate Professor Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford

Ms Grete Faremo, UN Under-Secretary-General and UNOPS Executive Director

Ms Doreen Malambo, Assistant Superintendent, UNPOL Gender Advisor for UNMISS

Ms Nichola Mallon, MLA Minister for Infrastructure for the Northern Ireland Executive


Pre-recorded message: Mr Knut Arild Hareide, Norwegian Minister of Transport


15:00 Welcome remarks, Grete Faremo

15:05 Video: How can infrastructure increase women’s participation in public life?

15:10 Panel discussion: Why is infrastructure key to gender equality?

Infrastructure is key to women’s empowerment. From schools with adequate toilets, to safe roads and transport systems, gender-inclusive infrastructure facilitates women’s access to education, work opportunities and public life. But too often, the infrastructure around us does not consider women’s needs, perpetuating inequalities. This needs to change.

15:25 Interaction with audience

15:30 Panel discussion: How can we create inclusive infrastructure?

For infrastructure to be more inclusive, it needs to consider the needs of all its users. This requires that women are involved at all stages of infrastructure projects, from planning and design, to implementation and management to ensure their needs are met.

15:50 Practical recommendations

Panelists offer practical recommendations on how to make infrastructure more gender-inclusive.

16:05 Virtual Q&A

16:25 Closing remarks