Increase your job search networking effectiveness using LIPPL to find more people on LinkedIn

March 4 2014 by Editorial - admin


You know that talking to the right person in a company can be invaluable if you want to find out more about your dream job or even get an interview. The challenge is to find that person. LinkedIn is a fantastic way to help your search, and now there’s a neat tool to make it even more valuable…

LIPPL is a practical free Chrome extension that allows you to access to the public profiles of people you would like to approach in various organisations so you can see their full name. Read more about how to get this tool and enhance your job hunting…One of LinkedIn’s limitations is that you cannot see the full names of people with whom you only have distant or no connections. Paying for their premium service can extend your reach, but now there’s a free tool to help you find the right contact name.

You can learn more about LIPPL in the full article.

Of course, finding a contact is only the beginning of the story – you need to find the right way to approach them.
Here are a few thoughts:
Working through introductions can help smooth the way to a quicker conversation. So it helps to start with something like “xxxx suggested we get in touch”.
If you don’t have the right person, then think about an attractive subject for your email approach, be clear and concise with your request. Asking for a few minutes of someone’s time for some advice is generally preferable to asking them to give you a job outright. Once you have opened the door, it should be easier to persuade your contact that it’s worth their time to help you.
Don’t spam an organisation – start with one or two people and learn as you go.