5 Top Tips To Succeed In Administration

May 20 2016 by Global Careers

Administrative assistants. Offices often struggle to run without them, which is why there’s never a shortage of Administrative Assistant vacancies in the work industry. Responsibilities of an Admin Assistant are vast; from juggling multiple diaries and calendars, to handling documents, to ordering office supply inventory.

Below are the 5 top tips gathered from experienced Admin professionals, in order to succeed in the Administrative industry:

  1. Be organised: As as Administrative Assistant, it’s likely your day will be filled with answering a variety of phone calls, taking notes, filing documents and generally managing the front desk as a whole. It’s therefore important to be naturally organised mentally and physically. Most industry experts almost always suggest that taking notes is vital, as we can’t always rely on our brains to remember so many things at once.
  2.  Be impressionable: More often than not, as an Admin Assistant, it’s highly likely that you will be the front person for the organisation as a whole. You’ll be greeting clients, making coffee, directing them to where they need to be, therefore it’s important that your appearance and personality are impressionable.
  3. Be able to multitask: An Admin Assistant is an extremely varied role. You’ll be responsible for an array of errands which can come up simultaneously. It’s therefore important to be able to multitask proficiently and effectively.
  4. Be on-time: Time management is vital in the Administrative industry. Most offices are fast paced and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up, especially if you lack time management skills. Prioritising your workload is a must. It enables you to work through your list of things to do in an efficient and timely manner, whilst keeping everyone around you happy.
  5. Be in-the-know: Usually being an Admin Assistant means that you’re always up to date with the latest news and developments. It’s important to manage this information respectively.

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