6 Tips to work Smarter for Young Professionals!

May 29 2014 by Alix Vazeux

"Cheerful business woman along with associates" by nylsmkt

“Cheerful business woman along with associates” by nylsmkt

Starting in this demanding World of Work is not an easy task for graduates and young professionals: delivering your best without being overwhelmed can be challenging.  This article offers 6 career tips that will help you manage your project and priorities…

They’re great advice to which I would add a few more thoughts – take a breather – just five minutes away from your desk, in the fresh air if you can manage it, can help you regain a sense of perspective and clear your head.  And then there are the sensible things we should all do (but how many of us really manage them…) eat and sleep well, get some exercise! What tips do you have for staying in control and avoiding stress? Read more