November 9 2020 by Roberto GCF


Africa and the Middle East is a vast, complex and diverse region: it has the potential for a prosperous future.  Innovation and technology is predicted to permeate dynamic markets, society is set to flourish with economic inclusion of youth, recent university graduates and women.  Economies are already capitalising on massive investments made over the past few decades.

Admittedly the region is slow to change and slow to grow but the World Bank’s forthcoming flagship report ‘Economic transformation for jobs: Reaping the economic dividend of youth and women in MENA’ sets out a bold vision of a prosperous future for the whole area.

A flourishing future for Africa and the Middle East requires an integrated approach of macro and micro interventions.  Governments in this region are already anchoring the reforms around three main goals: job creation, modernisation and wide social inclusion.

Countries in the region are creating contestable markets, where firms have no barriers to entry or exit.  If they succeed, their economies will allocate resources efficiently.  In turn this will encourage higher productivity among firms and workers.  This will lead to wage increases and eventually economic development.

The region is embracing technology which has swept across most of the globe: there are already digital platforms that lower transaction costs for businesses as well as creating jobs in existing and new sectors.  Amazon already estimates that nearly 10,000 data scientists may be needed for the cloud industry in the Middle East.

With all this projected potential for more and better growth, interest is being generated within many leading international organisations.

This interest comes with a consequent need to recruit exceptional talent from and for the region.

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