How to get the best from visiting your next Careers Fair

December 4 2015 by Global Careers

Whether it’s a face to face event in a specific location or an online event, Like our very own Global Careers Fair, such opportunities present an incredibly effective way to move a job search forward.

Not only can you find the information you need abut employers, you can judge their attitudes and ethos through how they handle you. And you can usually ask awkward or unusual questions that might not be possible at interview stage.

Here’s our advice on getting the most from these great opportunities:

  1. Do your homework

See which employers are there and plan out which ones you will visit, and in which order. Look at any information they provide and check out any specific roles they are promoting. This will tell you this is an area of need for the employer. Do background preparation on such roles. Online Fairs are especially helpful as you can gain access to role descriptions prior to the event and you can check how well you match a profile. You can then focus your questions on more interesting aspects about the organisation, progression potential and future plans. If you do only this, you will stand out from the crowd, believe us!

  1. Turn up

No-one makes you go to a Careers Fair – it will not be a part of your job. So it’s really easy just to put it off, because you are too busy, too tired or are trying to convince yourself that staying in your current role makes more sense. Be bold and get out there! Discover more about differing working cultures – make the effort to ask questions and dig deeper and you will gain a reward, even if it is to know that you are in exactly the right role already. And you will only achieve this if you turn up. So be disciplined. Go with someone else and get them to encourage you and you them to be there.

  1. Be prepared

If you are at a Fair have your CV ready, even if online applications are the norm in that sector. It gives you something to show and hand to the recruiter which is helpful to them. Being prepared will say even more about you than the CV itself. And do make sure it’s been checked and is as good as it can be. Some even have small cards printed with their contact details, and perhaps a photograph, so it saves a recruiter having to write the details down. At an Online Fair, complete ALL the details asked for at registration stage and do upload a CV if possible – it will make a huge difference to your success.

  1. Be positive

Understand that not everyone will be bothered enough to get out of bed that day and be there. And because you made a pact with your friend and have encouraged each other to be there, you are now ahead of the game. By going, you will have the chance to shake hands with lots of different recruiters, some of whom will like you just for who you are. Be happy therefore and be a person they will like to meet – positive not negative; hopeful not bitter; listening not whining.

  1. Be realistic

While it is a great opportunity and you are beating the crowd there are still many other good people out there doing what you’re doing. So don’t be disappointed and lose heart at the first hurdle, when things don’t go quite how you would have liked. Move on to the next booth, where it might just be your day not theirs! Never stop. Never give up!