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November 19 2013 by Editorial - admin

Here below you will learn how using Twitter… As an practical exercise here the address of the Global Careers Fair on twitter : @GCFSocial and #GCF3 !

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As one of the most popular social media tools, Twitter is fast growing, mainly because of its unique features and value it brings to its users. For one, Twitter has kept true to its 140 character feature, which places the burden of creativity on the user. Hashtags and tweet chats have only brought more appeal to the social site, and now more than ever, business entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations are taking note and utilizing Twitter.


For a forward thinking business entrepreneur looking to effectively utilize Twitter, one has to look beyond its communication features and start thinking of its benefits in aspects such as relationship marketing and as a research tool.

Relationship marketing

Back in the day, before the technology boom, marketing was focused on finding the most customers for a product/service as possible. While some of that thinking still exists, companies today have gone the extra mile to not only create products that are suitable for customers, but have also fostered long-term relationships with their customers. For a business, it’s not only about the transaction at hand, but also about building a relationship that will translate to long-term value.

With Twitter’s 140-character feature, one might think that it isn’t possible to build a relationship. If used wisely however, 140 characters are more than enough to give consumers what they want in ways they will appreciate. By branding your company’s message in a creative and appealing way, you make Twitter your avenue to shape the public’s perception of your brand, preferably in positive light.

Twitter used correctly is a creative way for you to personally connect with people that you wouldn’t otherwise have a direct connection with. [tweet this]

You can reach company presidents, organization leaders and influencers in your industry in a way that establishes rapport and a chance for them to get to know you. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Enter into true conversations with people on Twitter, and you can develop know, like and trust with them.

Twitter for research?

One of the mistakes individuals make when joining Twitter is to use it only to disseminate information. If they can only take the time to research and listen to industry leaders or concerns of those they serve or work with, they would meet their audience’s needs better.

The millions of tweets made public everyday are actually a database of information. This database contains opinions and views on a host of topics people face in everyday life. With such a huge database, companies have tons of material to go over before they roll out online marketing campaigns. By using Twitter Search to find tweets related to events, and hashtags for information on trends, you have no excuse not to learn about where and how to connect with people before you engage with them.

Show your personality

With well thought-of and creative tweets, you have the power to show who you are and be approachable, thus increasing the ease with which others can relate and converse with you.

Quality matters

Twitter is the perfect way to provide information that is mutually beneficial to both you and those you want to connect with. Deviating from the usual “self-promoting” material, an individual that gives its followers links, resources, and information that helps them in their every day journey is more likely to be viewed as a reliable and credible source of information than someone that doesn’t do the same. Also, providing such content increases the mentions and retweets you receive, which has a multiplying effect on your visibility.

Communication is key

With Twitter, you have the ability to engage in real time, quality conversation with existing and potential customers, referral sources and employers. It’s a great place to showcase that you’re a great listener and that you’re attentive.

As a business entrepreneur looking to successfully use Twitter for your business and your personal brand, remember your connections are the most important asset to your success.

Maria Elena Duron, CEO (chief engagement officer), buzz2bucks | a word of mouth marketing firm, is skilled at making networks “work” and harnessing powerful online and offline buzz, she facilitates online visibility services and word of mouth coaching and workshops – taking companies and professionals from buzz-worthy to bucks-worthy.