Rate how happy you are in your career!

August 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

If you could rate how happy you are in your career out of 10, what would you give? A 3/10? Or a perfect 10/10?

Experts say that if you’re rating how happy you are in your career below a 6/10 on a consistent basis, it may be a sign that you need to reevaluate your career choice/

Many of us cling onto the hope that ‘it might get better’, but in reality it never does unless you do something about it.

We know it’s a scary thought, but it’s also an exciting one. Many people tend to stay unhappy in their career as it can be quite a daunting task looking for another job, but this is where the Global Careers Fair comes in.

We’re here to help you get on the right track. By signing up to attend out Fair for free,w e can connect you with top recruiters around the world who are looking for candidates to join their organisation.

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