Sit down & get to know yourself better

December 4 2015 by Global Careers

Sit down and get to know yourself better

Sometimes knowing ourselves is not that easy. You can often confirm immediately whether something about you is right or wrong, but actually defining it from scratch and expressing it so that others can understand is never so easy.

Perhaps that’s why there are now so many different websites springing up, offering to help you understand yourself, especially when it comes to work.

I heartily recommend these as a way of challenging your own firmly held beliefs to see if they are true – perhaps make a pact with someone to help you run through the accuracy of the results of one of these online assessments and then do the same for them in return – it will of course need to be someone who knows you well.

Why would you bother?

  1. It helps in determining not only which job roles might work well for you, but also what type of work culture and environment will suit your best. You can be selective and leave less to trial and, inevitably, error!
  2. When at interview you will have a clear idea of your strengths in any situation and may have even found words through this process to express them more succinctly. You may even wish to share that you have some science to back up your self-knowledge and experiences. It can be a persuasive combination.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, you will increase your confidence in your ability to do a job well. This will shine through in your application and your interview.

Here are some of the sites online we’ve discovered which you may wish to check out. Have fun: