Want To Work For The European Development? Meet the ECB At The GCF

October 16 2014 by Alix Vazeux

TFA3698-ECB-GCF-web-logo-150x150pxThe people who work at the European Central Bank work together for Europe. They are a team of teams, evolving and delivering the practices that preserve the price stability in the Euro area and the financial stability of the European banking system. And they are growing their teams right now – looking for professionals of all ages, backgrounds and disciplines to join them on the journey. So explore the fascinating challenges, varied opportunities and people-centred working culture that gives you a voice, influence and the remit to make an impact – for Europe.

They regularly advertise vacancies for typical central banking positions, such as macroeconomists, economist-statisticians, research analysts, payment systems experts, operations and back-office experts, risk analysts as well as securities settlement experts and banknotes production and counterfeit experts.

They also look for a wide variety of specialists to support their core functions e.g. HR specialists, finance experts, auditors, legal counsels, translators and terminologists, lawyer-linguists, communication officers, procurement experts, IT experts and architects. And all of their business areas require administrative and support services, so they hire in these areas too.

The ECB recruiters are excited about being present at the Global Careers Fair. It gives them an opportunity to interact with potential candidates in and around the topics of recruitment and working for the ECB.