What climate change means for children in Kiribati

October 24 2013 by Editorial - admin


Photography by Ciril Jazbec.

Meet Nuzhat Shahzadi, the head of UNICEF’s office in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati. Nuzhat was in the UK recently, so we chatted to her about what the future looks like for the children she works with.

Nuzhat explains how climate change is making the future uncertain for children as food sources disappear, water becomes contaminated and disease spreads.

She shares stories about how children are getting involved in climate discussions, making videos, raising awareness and helping to lessen the impacts of climate change. And she rallies us, urging the UK to stand beside the children of Kiribati by campaigning for a climate fit for children.

Please join our campaign by taking a couple of minutes to email your MP.