Why work in the Public Sector?

December 19 2013 by Editorial - admin

perfect There are so many opportunities and different organisations in the Public Sector that it is perfectly possible to take almost any qualification or work experience and use it to get a Public Sector job. There are over 500,000 Public Sector employees in Scotland which accounts for more than 23% of the working population. The range of benefits plays a large part in attracting new recruits. Salary

Salaries are competitive and often in line with private sector salaries. Salary grades are structured and transparent – employees are always aware of potential earnings within their job. Work/Life Balance

Public Sector organisations do not generally operate a long hours culture and imany operate several working patterns – flexitime, part time, jobshare. In addition, various childcare options are available to staff include workplace nurseries and childcare vouchers. Overall, the majority of employees feel rewarded in their jobs. Career Progression

There are many routes for career progression within the Public Sector. Most organisations have multiple levels and staff are often promoted from within. As well as adding to staff motivation, this allows organisations to retain the carefully cultivated skills of existing staff. Training and Personal Development

Organisations in the Public Sector recognise the need for lifelong and continuing education and encourage staff to train and develop personal and workplace skills.