Recruitment Communications Services

Global Careers Outreach lite

Complementing your recruitment communications, Global Careers OUTREACH lite

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Global Careers Outreach+

GCF Outreach+ bridges the gap between advertising and traditional search using digital techniques we have developed with our International Organisations and NGOs worldwide.

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Online Assessments

As an additional service, Global Careers can provide access to range of well known and custom designed assessment tools which will help you choose the best suited people of your roles.

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Online Recruitment Events

Group Events


Break the barriers of recruitment and communicate directly with highly motivated, targeted and engaged candidates at our online/virtual career fairs.

The Global Careers Fair is the largest online international public sector focused event of its kind. Starting from humble beginnings with just three events a year, Global Careers now host over 20 group and individual events per year, attracting over 30,000 highly qualified and motivated candidates.

Whether you’re seeking an ambitious graduate or a seasoned professional, our events will aim to increase your organisation’s visibility, as well as position you in front of your desired targeted audience.

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Individual Client Events

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Take advantage of our platform, skills, and experience to host your own dedicated event.

Would you like to host an event solely dedicated to your organisation?

Our bespoke client events enable your organisation to harness our platform and support services for your own individual requirements, which may include some of the below events:


  • Internal organisational recruitment events
  • Internal communications events
  • Multiple and diverse recruitment channel events
  • Crisis and Emergency Response Recruitment events
  • Graduate and Young Professional Programme recruitment and communication events

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As with all our career fairs, your bespoke event will take place online, meaning it can be accessed from any desktop, mobile or tablet device. The event will be fully branded to your organisation and will include all of the relevant content, downloads, brochures, imagery, videos and vacancies for candidates to view. Candidates can then connect with recruiters via a live text-based conversation. Our platform will ensure that only the most relevant candidates are prioritised in the chat queue.

Our experienced team will work diligently to ensure that your event runs smoothly and delivers the response you require and will include the following:

  • Branded event homepage
  • Up to 10 individually branded booths
  • Up to 35 Recruitment Professionals
  • Up to 5000 candidates
  • Technical support during the event

How does the Global Careers Fair work?

As the Global Careers Fair takes place online, it can be accessed from any desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet device.

Recruiting organisations present themselves via a customized microsite, including documents, images, videos and the vacancies they’re recruiting for. Candidates can then connect with recruiters via a live text-based chat. Our platform will ensure that the most relevant candidates are prioritized in the queue.

Watch our video on how our events work:

How do we target candidates?

Our targeted marketing activities identify suitable candidates and engage with them, inviting them to attend the event and apply for jobs. The team also assesses candidates’ compliance with the event’s minimum requirements before the event.

What information will we supply to you?

After each Fair, bespoke post-event reports are provided for all the organisations that attended. These reports highlight the demographics of the candidates who visited their booths, as well as the actions that they took.

Clients also have access to the platform for a month after the event, where they can seek data on all candidates. All relevant candidate data can be additionally supplied in an accessible .csv file for your records.

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Response & Campaign Management

We can offer highly experienced staff who can best identify and secure the attention of quality candidates, whether they are assisting in your booth on the day, following up on earlier discussions or helping you process responses to job adverts.

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