Beyond the Challenge of Women in Tech

May 18 2020 by Roberto GCF
women in tech

Beyond the Challenge of Women in Tech

As we said last week, it’s not all doom and gloom:

Whilst it is demonstrated by the Women in Tech Survey 2018, by Ivanti, that 63% of the 500 women in technology surveyed, quoted that ‘being taken seriously’ is their number one challenge; 43% said they had no female role model and 40% mentioned the gender pay gap as their greatest challenge, one should not dwell on these responses only.

Let’s look at the data to highlight the opportunities available and celebrate the positives:

  • 67% of respondents believe that ‘making a positive impact’ on their organisation and/or industry is the best thing about being a woman in tech
  • 54% say ‘encouraging other women’ is a major positive
  • and again 54% believe that there are more women in tech than five years ago

The findings also reveal that the tech industry is giving women a dynamic, creative and engaging outlet for their skills and interests:

  • 53% say ‘it’s never boring’
  • 45% say ‘it’s a passion project’

Let’s not forget the important perks mentioned by 29% of respondents:

  • the opportunity to work flexible hours and to hot-desk in a new environment using cutting-edge technology is a major positive factor

Added to which 24% of women highlighted that the potential for

  • ‘great pay and career advancement’ is the best thing about working in the technology arena

Importantly ‘being surrounded by other women in the same field’ is another factor, though only 14% of women mentioned this.

So, yes, it is definitely a challenge to be a women in the tech sector but let’s all focus on the positives: we must stress that women thrive and excel in this sector; they actually live their dream of being successful in a field they love – this must serve as an encouragement to all women out there and fuel their drive to fight for equality and equity.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of private sector companies and the numerous eminent public sector organisations such as UNHCR and UNESCO who are actively encouraging female candidates to apply for tech jobs worldwide; the rest is down to you!

UNHCR and UNESCO participated in the Global Careers for Women in Tech last week and spoke to hundred of female candidates with a Tech background interested in the job opportunities those organisations are currently offering. Check our jobboard for opportunities for women in technology

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