African Union leaders pledge to invest in promise of young people

November 4 2015 by Global Careers

AFRICAN UNION CONFERENCE HALL, New York/LILONGWE, Malawi – At 15 years old, Luwiza Lewis, in Malawi, became pregnant and dropped out […]

The power of girls: African athletes call for gender equality, support for girls

by Global Careers

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo – “We are tired of hearing our parents telling us how, back in their days, young girls were […]

Migrant & Refugee Crisis – How the Red Cross & Red Crescent is responding

November 3 2015 by Global Careers

Scale of the crisis The conflict in Syria has created one of the most serious and daunting humanitarian crises in […]

Malala celebrates top GCSE results

August 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

Girl’s education campaigner Malala Yousafzai has received top GCSE results revealed by her parents. The 18 year old came to the […]

Rate how happy you are in your career!

by Editorial - admin

If you could rate how happy you are in your career out of 10, what would you give? A 3/10? […]

20 Signs you’re stuck in a dead-end job

July 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

Do you wake up every morning dreading going into the office? Unfortunately, this is one of many obvious signs that […]

Global Careers Fair – 7th Edition Results

July 15 2015 by Editorial - admin

As the 7th Edition of the Global Careers Fair was a fantastic event all-round, we thought it deserved its own […]

A big thank you!

July 13 2015 by Editorial - admin

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the 7th Edition of the Global […]

Kick-start your professional career!

June 24 2015 by Editorial - admin

Get your career started with a Young Professionals Programme at the Global Careers Fair. This year at the Global Careers […]


June 23 2015 by Editorial - admin

How do I sign into the fair? To login to the Global Careers Fair (after registering) return to www.GlobalCareersFair.com and […]