Chief, Finance Branch – D-1

Montreal, Canada
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International Public Sector
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Chief, Finance Branch – D-1

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Application closing date: 22 July 2018

Special Notice: The ICAO Assembly recently reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing gender equality and the advancement of women’s development by supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.” Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for ICAO positions, especially in the Professional and higher level categories.

The Organizational Setting

The Finance Branch (FIN) is responsible for developing and applying budgetary, accounting and financial policies and procedures, and the financial management of the approved budget in accordance with the Financial Regulations and Rules and Assembly and Council directives. The latter involves the development of budget estimates for Council and Assembly consideration, including the scale of assessment of the Contracting States’ contributions and, when the budget is approved, the issue and control of allotments through the maintenance of accounts for expenditures and income relating to salaries, services, equipment purchases, travel costs, the sale of publications, etc., under both the Regular and Technical Co-operation programmes. Banking and investment of the Organization’s funds are undertaken by the Finance Branch. The Chief, Finance Branch (C/FIN) as principal financial officer for ICAO, reports directly to the Secretary General (SG), to whom s/he provides authoritative advice on all financial, budgetary and accounting matters. The C/FIN also serves as Secretary of the Finance Committee.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Function 1 (incl. Expected results)

Provides direction for, leads, and manages budgeting, payment and accounting services, achieving results such as:

  • Develop, implement , coordinate, and monitor operational policies, procedure, guidelines, and standards, to ensure correct financial practice and control.
  • Ensure that the financial management policies, systems and processes are programmatic and aligned with organizational structures and design. Ensure that financial management policies, systems and processes reflect, and are consistent with ICAO’s tolerance for risk.
  • Ensure compliance with financial regulations and rules. Serve as principal advocate for prudent, consistent and accountable management of financial assets.
  • Ensure that the financial procedures and practices implemented, conform to ICAO Financial Regulations, Council Decisions, Assembly Resolutions and directives.
  • Direct the provision of financial services and treasury operations, and maintenance of accounts.
  • Determine and coordinate the development, implementation and maintenance of the financial information system for the Branch.
  • Certify all ICAO financial statements.
  • Review and update the Internal Control Framework on an annual basis. Revise the Accounting Manual and Regional Office Manual as needed.

Function 2 (incl. Expected results)

Coordinates and supervises the timely development of the draft programme budget for consideration by the Finance Committee (FIC), Council, Budget Working Group, Administrative Commission of the Assembly, and serves as Secretary of the Administrative Commission and as Secretary of the FIC, achieving results such as:

  • Maintain liaison with Bureau Directors and Office Chiefs on budgetary policy and needs.
  • Direct the budget preparation, implementation and reporting.
  • Ensure that ICAO budgetary estimates are prepared in accordance with ICAO requirements, are adjusted as required for the impact of external developments, and are implemented as approved.
  • Make recommendation on components of programme budget and overall budgetary level to senior management.
  • Provide information, analyses, explanations, and documentation in response to requests on budgetary matters from programme managers and senior management.
  • Provide advice on accounting and budgetary matters at meetings of different representative bodies of ICAO.
  • Manage budget carry-over to acceptable level.
  • Prepare Council Working Papers and Oral Reports for the Finance Committee.

Function 3 (incl. Expected results)

Serves as advisor to the Secretary General on budgetary and financial matters, achieving results such as:

  • Advise the Secretary General on the implementation of the approved budget and execute decisions taken regarding allocation and allotment of appropriations.
  • Provide advice and reporting on the state of ICAO’s finances to intergovernmental deliberations by ICAO Member States, the Council and its subsidiary bodies, and decision-making on programme budgeting, finance and accounts.
  • Develop proposals for budgetary transfers, supplementary appropriations and management of surpluses.
  • Advise on investment policy, review the working cash requirements and arrange for investment of funds.
  • Advise on financial policy matters and propose financial regulations and procedures for review and approval by the Council and the Assembly.
  • Represent the Secretary General at inter-agency meetings dealing with budget and finance matters.
  • Ensure appropriate financial reports, statements and other accountability reports are prepared in a timely manner, for submission to Contracting States, Assembly, Council and Senior Management.

Function 4 (incl. Expected results)

Ensures the accurate maintenance and updating of income and expenditure accounts for the ICAO Regular Programme, Joint Financing Funds, Development Institutions, Trust Funds, and other Funds, achieving results such as:

  • Prepare the scale of contributions of Contracting States for approval, and administer the payment arrangements concluded.
  • Supervise the formulation of responses to internal and external auditors.
  • Ensure the proper receipt, custody and disbursement of funds and oversee the banking and currency arrangements.
  • Ensure that managers have access to timely, accurate and useful information with regard to the financial status of their programmes and projects, enabling them to make sound management decisions.
  • Report to intergovernmental bodies on budget/programme performance or substantive issues, as appropriate, particularly those presented in annual or triennial reports.
  • Ensure that donor reports are prepared in timely manner.

Function 5 (incl. Expected results)

Directs, plans and coordinates the work of the Finance Branch (FIN), achieving results such as:

  • Lead the development and implementation of the work programme of the Finance Branch.
  • Decide on staffing levels required to ensure efficient functioning of the Branch; recruit staff, taking into account geographical balance.
  • Foster teamwork and communication among staff and across organizational boundaries.
  • Lead change management initiatives, promote quality management and foster innovative reforms.
  • Ensure all outputs produced by the Branch meet and maintain high-quality standards and comply with relevant mandates, and that reports are clear, objective and based on comprehensive data.
  • Oversee the administrative tasks necessary for efficient functioning of the Branch, including preparation of budgets, reporting on budget/programme performance, evaluation of staff performance, interviews of candidates for job openings, evaluation of candidates and preparation of inputs for results-based budgeting.
  • Manage, guide, develop and train staff under her/his supervision.
  • Manage split assessment to ensure that member States are invoiced accurately in two currencies.
  • Manage foreign currency exchange gain/loss.

Function 6 (incl. Expected results)

Performs other related duties, as assigned.

Qualifications and Experience



An advanced level university degree (Master’s Degree or academic equivalent), preferably with specialization in financial management, accounting, budgeting, business/public administration, or a related field. Professional accounting qualification (CA, CPA, or equivalent).

Professional Experience


  • A minimum of fifteen (15) years of progressively responsible experience in financial management, accounting, budgeting, business/public administration, or a related field.
  • Several years of managerial experience at the senior executive level in a public or private sector organization.
  • Experience with international accounting systems and financial operations management.
  • Demonstrated ability to deal with complex issues with diplomacy and tact.
  • Experience with corporate performance management in the public or private sector.


  • Experience in managing programmes/projects within an international or regional organization, national government, or other public or private organization.
  • Experience with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).



Fluent reading, writing and speaking abilities in English.


A working knowledge of any other language of the Organization (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish).

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