Head of Pooled Resources Unit / AD9 to AD12 (RCT-2019-00023)

Warsaw, Poland
Industry Sector:
International Public Sector
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Head of Pooled Resources Unit / AD9 to AD12 (RCT-2019-00023)

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Contract Type: Temporary staff

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Deadline: 23/06/19

Vacancy Type: Inter-Agency

The Capacity Building Division consists of the following Units: (i) Pooled Resources, (ii) Research and Innovation, and (iii) Training. It is assisted by a Capability Programming Office.

The Pooled Resources Unit (PRU) is functioning as an acquisition and logistics centre. It is responsible for acquisition and management of the technical equipment and services on the basis of objectives identified in a Capability Development Plan (CDP). Once the capabilities are deployed in operations, the Unit is responsible for the logistic support. Its main tasks are:

a) developing the Agency’s ability to acquire, lease, manage and deploy own technical equipment and services in line with the CDP by strengthening inherent processes in all phases of acquisition, through-life management and logistics as well as developing new models for acquisition and leasing;

b) providing own technical equipment and services to the capability pools through the effective management of requirements, timely execution of acquisition plans and effective management and successful delivery of acquisition projects, supplying the Agency’s own fleet of equipment;

c) ensuring the availability of own technical equipment and services and managing them throughout their lifecycles;

d) providing own technical equipment and services from the operational pools to operational activities by ensuring that the fleet of own equipment and portfolio of services can be deployed and sustained in operational areas through lean and robust logistics management.

e) providing support, as identified in the Capability Development Plan, to the relevant stakeholders on acquisition and through-life management related activities in the context of the scoping, planning and implementation of activities funded by the EU as well as supporting Members States and Schengen Associated Countries in their efforts to acquire and manage own equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities Linked to the Post

Reporting to the Director of Capacity Building Division (DoD), the Head of Pooled Resources Unit is responsible for:

  • Assisting, advising and supporting the DoD in developing and implementing the Frontex Strategy in areas of responsibility in line with the mission, vision and core values of Frontex.
  • Assisting the DoD in the cooperation with relevant external stakeholders (e.g. EU institutions, national and international bodies within the competences of the Unit).
  • Contributing to the development of the Frontex Strategy, Work Programme Documents and identifying the resources required for the Unit activities.
  • Contributing to Capability Development and Investment Planning and leading the acquisition of Frontex own operational assets, their management and associated logistics.
  • Steering the planning and reporting activities of the Unit.
  • Implementing the Unit’s Work Programme, enhancing the respective dimensions within the remit of Frontex.
  • Identifying the required human resources for the Unit and managing them, ensuring the overall coherence of its work, coordinating the respective sectors and teams, leading, engaging and developing competences and skills of the Unit’s personnel and assessing its performance at individual level.
  • Identifying the budget required for the Unit’s activities according to activity based budgeting principles, promoting sound financial management in the Unit and managing effective implementation of Unit’s budget.
  • Facilitating the horizontal cooperation and interaction with other Frontex entities, especially those having specific tasks in the area of activities of the Unit.
  • Identifying and assessing major risks related to the activities of the Unit and proposing mitigation measures.
  • Developing in all aspects the Unit change management and the integration of Frontex corporate identity through its corporate values.
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The European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as Frontex, is an agency of the European Union headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, tasked with border control of the European Schengen Area, in coordination with the border and coast guards of Schengen Area member states.

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