Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Capellen, Luxembourg
Industry Sector:
International Public Sector
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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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Application closing date: 31 March 2019


The incumbent is responsible to the General Manager (GM) for Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Information Resource Management (IRM). More precisely, he/she is responsible for performing the following functions:


Command Responsibilities

  • Directing the activities of the NSPA Information and Communication Technology (ICT) function, including the responsibility for all ICT personnel, processes and policies across the Agency.
  • Formulating ICT vision, strategy, policy and plans to be approved by the GM and the NSPO Agency Supervisory Board (ASB).

Functional and Staff Responsibilities

  • Acting as the senior advisor to the GM and Executive Management Board (EMB) on information technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Information Resource Management (IRM).
  • Developing an annual ICT Plan and overseeing its execution; ensuring compliance with governing standards.
  • Controlling the overall ICT budget.
  • Ensuring that IT provision by third parties is cost effective.
  • Contributing to NSPA’s corporate planning and development efforts, in particular ensuring that the Agency’s ICT capability is continuously updated and is integrated into the activities of the Business Units and Support Functions.
  • Directing, managing and providing policy, guidance and oversight of the Agency’s cyber security, information assurance, network infrastructure and operations, telecommunications and information security.
  • As the designated Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Operational Authority, acting as the main NSPA Point of Contact (POC) for all ICT matters including CIS security and Cyber Defence.
  • Chairing the NSPA information Systems Committee (ISC); serving on committees and other groups pertaining to the ICT function.
  • Coordinating and exchanging information with the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) and other NATO officials having similar or related responsibilities and functions; representing the GM on ICT matters outside the Agency.
  • Working closely with other EMB members to create strategic plans.
  • Establishing the strategic and tactical goals, policies and procedures for the Information Systems Division (IS).
  • Aligning IT objectives and programmes to Agency objectives and strategies.
  • Defining metrics based on overall business objectives.
  • Aligning IT risk management with Agency risk management.
  • Approving IT standards and technologies.
  • Monitoring Agency business trends and related technological trends in the computer industry and, where appropriate, recommending suitable modification to high level plans.
  • Supporting, through the provision of ICT services, NSPA’s strategic objectives of efficiency, effectiveness and cost-control.
  • Endorsing the IS Services Portfolio, setting priorities for the provision of ICT services and selecting the optimum balance between organic and outsourced support resources.
  • Providing advice and guidance concerning the integration, efficiency and effectiveness of Business Processes (BP) and Information/Knowledge Management (IKM).

Other Responsibilities

  • The incumbent is further responsible for administrative management and supervision of the CIO Office and the accuracy of advice provided to the GM on all IT matters.
  • In accordance with NATO policy, conducting duty travel, as required in support of NAC approved operations and missions, on a case-by-case basis, by travelling to associated theatre/mission locations, especially where NSPA personnel are/will be serving.
  • Managing employee performance in line with applicable governing instructions.
  • Performing other related functions as required in peacetime and any other appropriate functions assigned in times of crisis or war.
  • In the event of crisis or war the incumbent will, subject to the agreement of his/her national authorities, remain in the service of the Agency


General Qualifications

  • Master’ s degree (or higher) in computer science, computer engineering, information technology or information science.
  • Fifteen years of proven IS management experience at senior staff or management level in a sizeable organisation, preferably one in the government defence sector or in an international organisation, a national public administration (civil or military), or the private sector.
  • Previous responsibility for budgeting and financial management at senior level.
  • Demonstrable success in managing a large IT staff in a complex operational environment.
  • Knowledge of IS including software development and infrastructure.
  • Senior management experience of leading and implementing change.
  • Proven experience of using effective negotiation skills to gain buy-in and achieve desired outcomes, including business growth.
  • Proven experience of managing time and work effectively under pressure while producing high-quality products under short-notice deadlines.
  • Proven experience of mitigating risk by developing resourceful and effective solutions to complex problems (including HR).
  • Proven ability to set and implement performance goals and expectations, with relevant metrics, and to redirect and improve performance where needed.
  • Proven performance in building, leading and participating in high-performing teams.

Specific Qualifications

  • Experience with modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and management systems, preferably SAP.
  • Experience with comprehensive office information system support, preferably Microsoft software based.
  • Experience with all aspects of applications exposed on public and private networks (such as the internet), specifically IS security, reliability and availability.
  • Successful Project Management experience in an international environment.

Language Qualifications

  • NATO’s two official languages are English and French. The work of this post is mainly conducted in English, therefore fluency in that language is essential and working knowledge of French is desirable.
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