Management Advisor, Organizational Effectiveness

New York, United States
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International Public Sector
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Management Advisor, Organizational Effectiveness

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Management Advisor, Organizational Effectiveness

Position Number: 00029247

Department: UNDP

Reports to: Director, BMS

Direct Reports: Management Specialist and Management Analyst

Position Status: Non-Rotational

Job Family: Yes

Grade Level: P5

Duty Station: New York, United States of America

Closing Date: 9 June 2020 (midnight New York time)

Duration and Type of Assignment: More than a year; Fixed Term Appointment

Job Purpose and Organizational Context

The Organizational Effectiveness Team (OET) is a group of internal UNDP management practitioners available on request to support UNDP offices and units worldwide to improve strategic and operational performance in line with UNDP’s Strategic Plan and corporate investments in organizational effectiveness and agility. This group is anchored by a core team of management advisors and specialists based in Headquarters, who coordinate and deliver management consulting services globally.

The OET contributes to the advancement of UNDP’s performance and organizational effectiveness by bringing industry-standard knowledge, advisory services, and analytics for performance improvements and enhancements to UNDP’s overall strategic agenda as well as day-to-day business. The Management Advisor reports to the BMS Director.

The Management Advisor leads the OET and covers a broad range of issues ranging from business development to quality assurance of services, as well as substantive collaboration with Regional and Central Bureaux to help shape and advance UNDP’s organizational effectiveness. S/he leads strategic planning for the unit operations, setting of management targets, and monitors services provided to clients.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Management Advisor, OET manages the staff and services of the unit, and contributes to the coordination, training and engagement of the global network of advisors/consultants. The Management Advisor works in close collaboration with all OET members in the delivery of services. The Advisor promotes a client, quality and results-oriented approach through the following functions:

  1. Management and development of the OET core team and advisor network
  2. Coordination of organizational effectiveness and improvement services and client relationship management
  3. Quality assurance of consulting engagements and knowledge/content creation
  4. Leadership of complex consulting engagements
  5. Substantive contributions to UNDP’s performance effectiveness and improvement practices
Management and development of the OET core team and advisor network
  • Build a team of high-performing management advisors and specialists with the composite skill sets to provide dedicated support UNDP offices with high-impact management challenges and to deliver tangible results
  • Curate roster of UN/DP experts and external resource people to facilitate time-bound deployments of multifunctional teams
  • Marshal technical resources for internal management consulting engagements, including building relations and partnerships with private sector and other non-UN organizations with an aim to collaborate on bringing innovation to the management practice and become a knowledge and resource broker for the organization
  • Curate and assign OET engagements to the team, using also internal and external rosters of experts
  • Ensure continuity of the OET resource base and network advisory model for UNDP’s evolving business needs and business development approach to the provision of operations and management advisory services to the UN Development System (UNDS) and external development actors
  • Strengthen the existing network of internal UNDP Programme and Operations Managers on business transformation and change management, including preparation and facilitation of structured knowledge exchange initiatives and applied learning through management consulting engagements
  • Ensure that the collaborative tools of the OET (intranet, workspace, network, outreach and communications channels etc.) are being updated and improved
  • Promote access to best available expertise and organizational learning for OET staff.
Coordination of organizational effectiveness and improvement services and client relationship management
  • Manage UNDP’s internal management consulting platform through which offices/units may request support services, and UNDP executive leaders can leverage dedicated resources to drive the refinement and realization of high-impact business transformation and organizational change agendas
  • Provide forward-looking analysis on organizational performance to UNDP’s Executive and Country Office leaders to highlight priority areas for change management and business transformation engagement
  • Scope managing consulting engagements with clients to ensure a deep understanding of business challenges and opportunities and an effective roadmap for organizational change
  • Develop technical proposals, implementation plans, and communication/engagement strategies to be used by clients in managing change
  • Provide guidance to external consultants supporting business transformation and organizational change in UNDP
  • Ensure engagement teams deliver high-quality analysis and actionable recommendations in the delivery of end of engagement products
  • Follow through with engagement clients to ensure recommendations
Quality assurance of consulting engagements and knowledge/content creation
  • Serve as an authoritative resource person for organization-wide change management and business transformation practices, earning the confidence of internal stakeholders and external clients and evaluators
  • Contribute to innovation in the management practice in UNDP through research and development, distillation of industry best practices and engagement of management practitioners
  • Showcase corporate and field management challenges and solutions to which HQ may need to adapt or integrate into future policy positions
  • Contribute to the development of quality content for the UNDP Management Practice and drive substantive and pragmatic debate and exploration of management issues in UNDP’s internal communication and collaboration fora
Leadership of complex consulting engagements
  • Lead high risk and high impact consulting engagements applying risk mitigation measures of UNDP’s change management practice
  • Ensure appropriate stakeholder consultation protocols and management of processes in which the political economy landscape is difficult to navigate
  • Formulate consulting proposals and business cases for transformative initiatives within UNDP, which may be transformative and constructively disruptive as needed
  • Design and facilitate business transformation and change management task teams, corporate initiatives, and/or internal knowledge sharing workshops which are focused on driving systems change
  • Manage the public image of UNDP in relation to internal change management and the integrity of organizational change investments
Substantive contributions to UNDP’s organizational effectiveness and improvement practices
  • Serve as an integral member of joint BMS and central/regional bureaux solution networks ensuring that the OET contributes to corporate priorities and special initiatives
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of BMS by advising the Deputy Director and Director of BMS and supporting the BMS Directors
  • Work closely with and support activities complementary to those of the OET , including the SDG Integrator within the GPN, the SURGE mechanism, and units involved in support to performance improvement and organizational change, including Regional Bureaux, BERA, the ExO, and BMS functional units
  • Leverage operations and programme/policy practices to spotlight opportunities and risks in UNDP business model and organizational performance
  • Provide sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice

Recruitment Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in social policy, public policy, politics, economics, development studies or a related area.
  • Minimum ten years of progressively responsible experience in management, human resources and/or consulting is required at the national or international level, including at least two years of management responsibilities of similar size and complexity and at least two years of experience with consulting related to organizational development and change management, preferably related to UNDP
  • Successful candidates should have experience with team-based management and workshop facilitation.
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.) required.
Language Requirements
  • Written and verbal fluency in English is required.
  • Working knowledge of other UN language desirable.

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