National Consultant on Gender, Media and Communication – Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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International Public Sector
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National Consultant on Gender, Media and Communication – Phnom Penh

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Application closing date: 26 June 2019


The ‘Leading the Way for Gender Equality’ (LWGE) program (2017-2020) is a program of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Cambodia (MoWA) whose overall objective is “Enabled environment for gender equality, women’s empowerment and feminist leaderships in Cambodia through enhanced capacities of the Gender Machinery.” The LWGE program is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and UNDP -through the Project to Support the Leading the Way for Gender Equality Program-, and by Oxfam.

The program is focused on three outcomes: 1) More effective institutionalization of gender policies across government, and more effective performance of Gender Machinery to lead gender equality mainstreaming with inclusion of disadvantaged groups of women and girls; 2) Promotion of behavioural change in favour of gender equality among the public and young Cambodians; and 3) Increase number of and capacities of women in decision-making positions and strengthen feminist leaderships.

The second outcome of the program requires the assistance of a national Gender, Media and Communications Specialist to realize some of the outputs and deliverables under that outcome and to provide necessary capacity building and support to the MoWA Information Department for its implementation and monitoring.

The Specialist is to provide ongoing technical assistance, mentoring, coaching, training and capacity development to relevant MoWA staff at the Information department, in line with the Capacity Development Framework of the LWGE program that focuses on 4 levels: individual, program, institutional and network-stakeholders levels.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Gender, Media and Communications Specialist will work under supervision of the LWGE program management team and the director and deputy director of the MoWA Information Department, and in close cooperation with other Technical Assistants of the LWGE program who are contracted by UNDP as well as relevant stakeholders.

The Specialist will provide critical support to MoWA capacity and ability to develop, implement and monitor the bilateral MoU of MoWA with the Ministry of Information and Club of Journalists, mainly focused on dissemination and enforcement of Media Code of Conduct for Reporting on Violence Against Women. She/he will also provide technical support to MoWA to be able to develop, implement and monitor the bilateral MoU between MoWA and the Department of Media and Communications of the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) to deliver gender sessions to students, including on gender-sensitive reporting, and deliver trainings to MoWA in the area of communications. Thus, the Specialist will facilitate capacity development measures to MoWA Information Department for press release writing, media relations and social media communications, that are expected to result in enhanced public outreach and more regular development and dissemination of press releases of MoWA.

The Specialist will provide technical support to MoWA to work with MoInf and the Club of Journalist to develop a monitoring system to track media reports on violence against women, and she/he will provide technical assistance to MoWA to develop regular press clippings that monitor media impacts of MoWA and issues related to gender published by printed and digital media.

The Specialist will also support MoWA in the institutionalization and organization of an award competition for journalist on VAW reporting, jointly with the Club of Journalists and MoInf, as part of the 16 Days of Activism campaign against gender-based violence.

Capacity Development is a core element of the LWGE program which is expected to result in a transfer of technical and managerial capacities to MoWA staff. Thus, the Specialist will contribute to implement and monitor key measures of the Capacity Development Framework with the MoWA Information Department. This will include support to develop TOR for all MoWA staff in the department with clear roles and responsibilities, to support the management of personal Human Resources files that include annual goals and annual performance evaluations of department staff, and to develop a work calendar that is used by the department. The Specialist will participate in the monthly meetings of the MoWA Information Department and MoWA Social Media Working Group, and provide advice to improve the results-based management of the department, including the quarterly and annual progress reports. At the beginning of the assignment, the Specialist will undertake a rapid assessment of current capacities of staff and management practices of the MoWA Information department and MoWA Social Media Working Group that is focused on the relevant priorities of the Capacity Development Framework’s Plan and Results Matrix of the program. At the end of consultancy, the Specialist will deliver a brief final assessment informing on progresses, challenges, lessons learnt and recommendations for the way forward in capacity building of Information department and its staff. The Specialist will also participate at the monthly meetings of the LWGE management team and the Technical Coordination Desk to inform on status of Capacity Development Framework’s implementation with the MoWA Information Department and provide necessary advice.

Required Skills and Experience


Master’s degree in Media, Communications, Journalism, Gender study or another relevant field.


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience in communications and media relations.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in the promotion of gender equality, women’s empowerment and gender in media.
  • Professional experience in international and/or national development organizations and in building capacities of Cambodian government staff.

Language Requirement:

Fluency in English and Khmer languages (spoken and written)

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