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Project Management Specialist – Tunis

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Application closing date: 19 June 2019 


With an overall goal of promoting the capacity of High National Elections Commission (HNEC) of Libya to prepare and administer inclusive and credible balloting events, UNDP proposes a three-year electoral assistance project implemented through the UNSMIL integrated electoral support team. The project is designed in the spirit of cooperation, national interest and ownership, and is to be implemented with HNEC as the co-chair of the project board which approves all project workplans. The project seeks to achieve four key outputs, to be implemented over a three-year period:

Output 1: Support HNEC in the planning, preparation and conduct of national and local elections and out of country voting. Output 2: Develop HNEC institutional and staff capacities and raise awareness on the requirements of electoral processes that are transparent, credible and promote inclusive participation. Output 3: Promote public participation in electoral processes, targeting vulnerable groups with activities that enable them to exercise their right to vote. Output 4: Raising the electoral awareness of local partners, enabling them to perform their role effectively in the electoral process and contribute to a peaceful electoral environment.

In pursuance of the above outputs, the PEPOL (Promoting Elections for the People of Libya) wishes to recruit a Project Management Specialist to ensure adequate and timely assurance and oversight of the project and sufficient capacities, systems and tools for assurance and oversight. He or she will work under the project Chief Technical Advisor/Project Manager and will supervise several other project staff and consultants.

Duties and Responsibilities

Ensures implementation of UNDP’s rules, approaches and policies, focusing on achievement of the following:

  • Ensures adherence to UNDP policies and procedures, POPP and guidance on programme management and UNDP’s corporate approaches and guidelines are adhered to in programme and project management.
  • Develops guidelines, formats and checklist for development and implementation programme management and monitoring for the PEPOL project.
  • Oversees and coordinates development and supports preparation of operational procedures and carries out business processes mapping and establishment and regular review/update of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Ensures by regular reviews quality of results-information at the project level. Provides feedback and proposes improvements. Ensures that ATLAS information is correct and corresponds with UNDP’s quality standards. Maintains overview of project level monitoring systems, tools and approaches and ensures that these are in line with UNDP’s corporate policies and CO approaches.
  • Continuously monitors and performs quality control on project implementation to ensure that the project is implemented in line with UNDP rules and procedures and the project document. Performs assurance tasks specific to the different stages of the UNDP programme and project management cycle as per POPP.

Ensures effective programmatic assurance and implements assurance activities, with the focus on achievement of the following:

  • Monitors progress of implementation of the Annual Work Plans (AWP) of the PEPOL project. Monitors timely implementation of planned activities, assess the progress toward and the achievement of planned targets;
  • Ensures that project implementation plans are formulated and updated. Organises regular reviews to track implementation, inform the Project Manager on the progress in project execution (programme and financial) and coordinate revisions and corrective action;
  • Monitors the implementation and revisions of the project M&E plans. In cooperation with the Monitoring and Reporting Specialist ensures that project’s monitoring mechanisms are designed and implemented according to CO standards and the POPP;
  • Controls quality of AWP and project revisions, ensures that activities, targets and benchmarks have been formulated according to POPP and meet the programmatic standards and agreements with the partners (IP and donors). Ensures that proposed changes are supported by sufficient justification for project and budget revisions. Checks that documentation is prepared according to POPP and UNDP programme SOPs;
  • Supports preparation and review, as required, project reports (quarterly, annual and final) and ad-hoc documents to ensure that project reports are consistent with donor agreements, POPP and CO standards are met, and ensures their submission to donors;
  • Reviews for quality and prepares, as required, project submissions for corporate UNDP reporting (ATLAS, Integrated Annual Work Plan and Results Oriented Annual Report).
  • Ensures that project evaluations, mid-term reviews and audits are organised according to the agreed schedule. Coordinates inputs and finalises documentation such as ToRs, work plans and time plans for evaluators and auditors.
  • Coordinates with the project team for organization;
  • Monitors the follow-up on, and implementation of recommendations resulting of evaluations;
  • Monitors and oversee implementation audits recommendations and monitoring report findings. Ensures that corporate systems are updated to reflect the findings and recommendations. Updates as necessary;
  • Controls and clears all documentation prior to submission to the Project Board;
  • Ensures that project activities are coordinated with other UNDP/UN projects, as necessary, and monitor coordination;
  • Supports Project Teams, when necessary, to ensure that project management responsibilities are met;
  • Supports the coordination and follow-up of project Oversight Committees’ actions.

Ensures effective operational oversight and implements oversight activities, focusing on the achievement of the following:

  • Monitors achievement of the financial targets. Monitors budget execution rates and provides continuous feedback to CO and the projects on rate of financial delivery; Ensures that financial plans are in place and regularly updated. Advices and prompts action in case of under-delivery and lack of/delay of financial planning;
  • Ensures that governance processes and procedures for the project are correctly followed and that governance activities such as Project Board and Technical Committee meetings are organized regularly according to an established calendar, and that the project and the CO ensure a timely and adequate follow-up on the recommendations coming from the different governance bodies;
  • In close collaboration with the Country Office Communications Team, oversees projects’ communications activities, reviews and clear inputs, escalates non-standard media requests or emerging problems in media relations to Head of Unit and UNDP Senior Management;
  • Ensures that a Risk Management Framework and accompanying comprehensive risk mitigation measures are developed, implemented and that frameworks are regularly updated. Plans and implements reviews and or anise external independent validations as required. Ensures information flows to Project Oversight Committees.
  • Oversees the UNDP’s corporate systems (ATLAS) are kept updated.
  • Ensures that project functions are sufficiently resourced, develops, formulates and reviews/revises JDs and ToRs project positions, tracks and monitors recruitment processes ensuring timely actions in recruitment, participates in selection of project personnel;
  • Oversees management and filing of project documentation, ensure that UNDP corporate systems (ATLAS) are kept update and that relevant documents are accessible through the UNDP public website. Prompts action and informs Project Team on shortcomings.

Facilitates knowledge building and management, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Identifies and captures lessons learnt and best practices within the project and develops and drafts knowledge outputs. Advices on and supports the development of communication strategies to position its contents with national and international audiences. Guides the Project Support Team to identify lessons learnt opportunities. Participates and ensures proper capturing and documentation to facilitate the application across the project as relevant;
  • Analyses new and emerging policy and strategy initiatives at national (national laws and regulations) and international (UN-system) levels, prepare briefings and advice UNDP Management on the implications for the implementation framework of the project;
  • Systematically builds capacities of national project staff by provision of regular and constructive feedback on work results and outputs;
  • Actively promotes a knowledge sharing and learning culture between the projects and the CO.

Required Skills and Experience


Master’s degree in the field of international relations/post conflict development, management, administration, economics, social science or related discipline


  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant and diversified professional experience in programme/ project management;
  • Sound knowledge of UNDP project management and operational rules, preferably by managing multi-donor projects with project teams;
  • Able to communicate effectively, with focus on strong drafting and report writing skills;
  • Knowledge of ATLAS and software packages used by UNDP is an asset;
  • Previous experience working in the region is an asset;
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively work in post conflict setting;
  • Demonstrated ability to be able to manage multiple tasks and to adapt to a changing environment.
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