Global Careers announces Autumn Women Event – 10.10.19

July 24 2019 by Miguel Pone
Global Careers For Women

Today, the war for talent has become truly global. Recruiting and retaining a gender-balanced workforce is a more pressing issue than ever before.

In most organisations around the world, women have long been (and remain) under-represented at most levels. In an effort to close this gap, leaders are directing their energies towards making their businesses more attractive to female talent and raising the awareness of those changes.

The female talent is out there; organisations just need to identify the shortfalls in their attraction and recruitment processes.

To assist international organisations in accelerating diversity recruiting, Global Careers has been hosting Online Recruitment Events specifically FOR WOMEN, for the last 4 years.

Global Careers will be teaming up once again with leading international organisations for the eighth specialised Women’s Event on 10 October 2019

This unique event has helped organisations recruit multilingual staff and refresh their rosters. As in previous editions, this campaign will help position their employer brand in front of highly qualified senior women worldwide.

The campaign will feature exclusive job opportunities, editorials and interviews from diverse International Organisations.

The event targets senior professional women with 7+ years of relevant experience, a postgraduate degree and proficiency in at least 2 UN languages.

During this online event, candidates will have the opportunity to connect directly with recruiters at leading international organisations and explore career opportunities in diverse locations around the world.

If you would like more information as an employer or candidate, click here