Keep your employees engaged and productive!

April 30 2020 by Paolo Casula

Finally, Introduction

We have had to accept and embrace remote working as the norm: there are many positives with this over and about the obvious health ones in this time of Covid-19 but how do you keep your employees, teams, colleagues motivated when social contact is not viable for the foreseeable future?

Here are a few ideas you might want to think about:

1) Let employees control their schedule

Firstly, this is not a big step and apart from certain deadlines and videoconferences, does it really matter if your employee have a bit of flexibility in their work schedule? You will not maximise your employees’ well-being from WFH if you insist that they clock in daily at 9am precisely. 

On the other hand, do also bear in mind that WFH is less controlled than an office: a kid may need attention, a personal call might come through, the boiler may be on the blink!  A positive side of remote work is that it helps people balance demands on their time.

2) Encourage employees to develop a community

Secondly, team culture and community is key: your management efforts should be directed towards bringing people together and nurturing employee happiness. 

Today’s remote communications platforms offer up to date collaboration tools which make everyone feel that they are in the same room.  Make sure all employees can share their feedback via an online tool or chatbot.  This will strengthen employee motivation and build relationships centred around trust and empowerment.

3) Facilitate ‘virtual’ company-wide meetings

Moreover, Company culture is key to the identity of your brand – regular meetings of the entire organisation are beneficial to employee retention and overall productivity. 

Think fun virtual hangouts too: they might include open Q&A sessions or spontaneous one-on-one coffee chats.  Make sure your team members meet employees from other departments – it’s important to build wider company relationships.

4) Invest in professional development

However, by offering professional training and development you are recognising your remote workers’ contributions as well as keeping them engaged and positive about working for you. 

In other words, through remote webinars, tuition assistance or individual mentorships, you will keep your telecommuting staff on a solid path to career development.  Remember a company culture of promotion from within adds power to your employer brand.

5) Keep your employees engaged with appreciation and recognition

Finally, it is important to recognise when employees got the extra mile; there really is no excuse to not recognise the great work of your remote workforce.  Recognition has the biggest impact on employee engagement, particularly when workers are geographically distant.

REMEMBER motivated, positive employees are the ones who keep your company going!

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