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Covid-19 – Top tips to work from home

April 6 2020 by Paolo Casula

Covid-19 – Top tips to work from home So you’ve been told to work remotely because of Coronavirus? Working from […]

Breaking the glass ceiling #empoweringwomen

March 12 2020 by Roberto GCF

Breaking the glass ceiling #empoweringwomen Following up on the 8th March’s International Women’s Day, we thought we’d shed some light […]

International Women’s Day 2020

March 9 2020 by Paolo Casula

Yesterday, Sunday 8th March was International Women’s Day, and 3 UK passenger trains were ‘manned’ by all-female crews in a […]

Bust the Coronavirus myths with WHO

March 5 2020 by Roberto GCF
WHO Coronvirus advice

Bust the Coronavirus myths with WHO No face mask needed at Global Careers virtual fairs – one less thing to […]

Meet Jeanne, UNOPS Project Manager, Morocco

March 2 2020 by Roberto GCF
Jeanne - UNOPS

WIT4Impact: UNOPS is an exciting place of work with challenges to overcome every day. “I have feelings of pride and […]

25 Stunning First Impression Biases

August 20 2019 by Albine Gilbert

It may shock you how much we infer after only 100 milliseconds of looking at a person’s face. In just […]

The Cover letter is dead!

August 15 2019 by Albine Gilbert

The Cover Letter is dead! What is the first thing you do when you start your job search? You create […]

Make the most out of a virtual career fair

August 9 2019 by Albine Gilbert

Make the most out of a virtual career fair Participating in a virtual career fair is a convenient and efficient […]

Google Translate to the rescue!

August 1 2019 by Albine Gilbert

When Google Translate comes to the rescue.  One of our international clients contacted us as they were interested in running […]

Overcome your recruitment challenges in Africa

July 10 2019 by Albine Gilbert

Global Careers has set up another exciting initiative to offer support for your recruitment challenges in Africa. This year’s African […]